Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Stop in New Mexico

On our way to California my family and I stayed the night in New Mexico. It was great fun and my brother and I took pictures!

View from the back porch

The shirt I'm wearing I got from a Do Hard Things conference. If you've never read the book, Do Hard Things, I highly recommend it! You can find it on their website.

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

10 Things to Do in Africa

I'm ready to go!
Thanks for the photo Keely!

No, not really. :) However, I thought I'd put up a list of the ten things I want to do in Africa. Rather than a packing list. So, here it goes!

1. Learn 10 different African words. 

Not random ones, but useful ones. Hello,  Thank you,  I like you hat,  Where is the bathroom?
Things like that.
You know, important stuff.

2. Play soccer (Ahem football) with some of the kids. 

(Though, yes I'll probably get whooped. My excuses: A) I'm in a skirt B) This isn't soccer this is football. Come on huge difference! ;) )

3. Take at least... 200 pictures a week? 

(Honestly this will not be a problem I have a camera happy finger.) Maybe I'll up it to 300. (Though I'm not sure if I'll have enough battery power or memory card storage for the 1500+ pictures)

4. Write in my journal daily. 

(At the very least every other day.)

5. Learn and write down at least ten more stories about my grandparents involving Africa. 

I can't keep retelling the story about the guard dogs.

(See, by not telling you that story I can save it for another time. :) Now I bet you really want to hear it.)

6. Get my picture taken at the falls. 

(Yep this one is a real commitment. ;) )

7. Write a Blog Post 1-2  times a week if possible.

8. Try at least one new food. 

(As I'm not sure how much "new" food there is, from what I've been told it's a diet consisting of things like rice and fish. Though I refuse to try any kind of intestine.)

9. Learn something new about the culture and make a new friend.

Yes technically two in one, but eleven doesn't sound as good as ten!
(Unless were talking something like cookies or dollars, then eleven does sound better than ten!)

10.  Learn an African dance!

Or at least enjoy watching one.

Now off to play some football with some guard dogs. ;)