Monday, August 20, 2012

Song from a Psalm

I love music and songs.

My current favorite is "Psalm 139" (Not the Mercy Me version ;) )

I don't know its "real" name, its a song I learned at CYIA. So it might not be 100% accurate.

I like to think of it as a prayer.

Here it is:
Search me, O God, and know my heart;
Try me and know my thoughts
And see if there be any wicked way in me;
Lead me in the way, lead me in the wa-y,
Lead me in the way everlasting

You have searched me;
You have known me;
My downsitting, my uprising;
You understand my thoughts from afar;
You know all my wa-ys,You know all my ways.

(Two parts can be sung simultaneously)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Photos With Assorted Friends

I took photos last week and Alley asked for them. (Sorry my computer wont email them!)
We had a lot of fun with Noah :)
Me :)

Noah and his sister Leia

(: Anna :)

Rachel Thoughts: "So What ARE You Going To Do With Your Life?"

(I should warn you that my mind goes down all sorts of rabbit trails. Also this isn’t an essay, a paper, or a devotional. It’s the opinion and thoughts of a sixteen year old who thinks sort of big.)

I've been thinking.  (I tend to do a lot of that :) )

It’s that question that plagues nearly every teen and young adult at some point in their lives… The question that has to have an answer because before you know it…

it is here.

Someone walks up to you and asks:
So where are you going to college? What Career are you going to take? Do you think you’ll get married?

“What are you going to do with your life?”

These questions never really bothered me, they just made me wonder, "Is something wrong with me?" I always answer that I don't know, that I'm waiting for God's leading. 

Quiet honestly I know what I want. (What person doesn’t know what he/she wants?) The real question is, is this what God wants?

Me - Who I want to be? Or who God wants me to be?
I want to get a job that I enjoy, that appeals to my creative side.
I want to be able to draw, paint, be a photographer, write and act on the side, if that isn't already part of my job.
I want to be involved with a children's ministry.
I want to be involved with children.
(If I’m being perfectly honest I want to be liked, and I want to respected)
I want to see my family.
I want to mentor other girls.
I want to change things I don't like.

I want to make a difference.

( WARNING Side Track Alert: Isn't that almost every kid's dream? To make a difference. To be somebody. To be remembered.

Each one of us is human, we strive to be something, we have a desire to work. We may fight it. (I certainly do at times.) But after a day of real, hard work. I am tired, sore, about ready to die, However...
I'm happy.

I love to work hard. There is a satisfaction to making something out of your day and not just playing around on the computer or painting nails or something. )

But is my "Making a difference" view different from Gods?  Is my “Dream” of my future not His dream?


I don't know for sure, God may have placed a desire in my heart. It's rare for me to know 100% that something is a sure fire yes. But I do have a little check list that helps me determine if its a "Rachel Thing" or a "God Thing."

A. Who does it bring glory to? God, or me?
If its me...  Its a Rachel Thing.
If its God. Its a God thing.

The tricky thing is it can be super easy to turn a God Thing into a Rachel Thing. When God works something amazing it can be all to easy to take the credit.  Rather than giving the credit where it's due. (Hint hint: God.)

Though, I've found the flip side is true as well! (And this is pretty awesome!) 
We can turn "Me Things" into "God Things" When someone complements you on something, give the glory to God. 
Now this is something I'm working on. It can be slightly, to incredibly awkward and hard to do. (Good things can be that way can't they?)
See, I love art, I love to draw and I'm alright at it. People complement me on my drawings and I should (should as in should but still haven't perfected the way to do it.) give the glory to God. I'm still working on the "Un awkward way to do it." 

B. Does this go against anything in the scripture, or against my Parents wishes? (Assuming you have loving parents who only want the best for you. Mine do, I’m pretty sure yours do to. ;) So continue…)
If so… It’s a “Rachel Thing”
If its in support of the scriptures, it’s a “God thing”

Basic I know.  So I’ll throw this in.

Lets see. So while becoming involved in the movie, acting industry might not be against the Bible. Its one I would be more cautious about.

I agree with my teacher, she said we need more Christian’s involved in the arts. (Movies, Painting, Etc.)

My thing is, they better be called into the arts. It’s a dangerous world, it’s to easy to be influenced into things. People who are not firm in the scriptures can be swept away when temptation calls.

We are influenced by what we are around, and right now there is very little positive Christian influences in the arts.

Which is why we so desperately need called Christians to impact the Arts.  (And because I love the arts, from writing, to drawing, to performing I wonder if I am or will be called. I want to be called, but it’s about God not me.)

C. What are my motives?
Motives tell a lot about the person, if you honestly think “Why” you want to do something you’ll probably be able to tell which “Thing” it is.

If it’s self centered, self gaining, or really anything “self” it’s a “Rachel (Me) Thing”

If it’s centered on Others, Scripture, God, etc… it’s a “God Thing”

This one is hard. So many things we want are, well based on us.

That’s why I’ve decided.

I surrender myself. My desires. My wants. My dreams.

And I trade them for God’s desires, wants, and dreams.

Because do you know what? God loves me. He loves me more than my friends, my family, my parents.

He knows me better than I know myself. He made me to love art, performing and children. He has the Best, most amazingly perfect plan for me. And one day…

I’ll hear Him say “Well done good and faithful servant”

That’s the best dream I could imagine. (And it can be the same for you!)


Someone will ask, “What are you going to do with your life?”
I’ll turn and smile at them.

“I don’t know, but God has the perfect plan for me.”

“Aren’t you worried about college?”

I smile. “Nope. I’m trusting God. I’m perusing my talents and abilities, because they were given to me for a reason.” I pause and look into the person’s eyes. “God hasn’t told me what I’m doing yet. When He does, I’ll be ready. I’m always ready to drop my dreams, ‘cause I know His dream is always better.”


In the process of working with my Africa photos. :)

Today though we (My grandparents and family) gave a "short" presentation at a church.

Short turned into a little longer than "short".

It wasn't super interesting, we just each talked about a portion of the trip. Which when there are 6 people and only five minutes, your going to go a little over. (Or a lot)

Anyway. My dad and I are in the process of putting together a video and slide show about our trip, I'll post it as soon as we're done. (But plan to post some stories before then.)